Venice Collection

up to Uw 0,76 W/m2K


34 dB


perimeter closure with self-adjusting "mushroom" pawls on standard steel

burglarproof bars

burglar-resistant hardware with anti-drilling steel plate

4+4 Pvb 0,76 external break-proof glass.

Agostini Venice Collection Series: a fully custom/made windows series that adds to home decor, according to the exclusive Venetian style. A striking way to enhance the elegance of rooms, giving them a refined touch of class. In perfect harmony with all architectural and contemporary furnishing contexts while also suiting more traditional settings.

Discover the Venice Collection Series new custom-made windows, with unique style and quality. A collection of window frames to be transformed to your liking, through a series of frames in many different finishes in pure Venetian style and tradition. A new and charming solution to add to the top quality of fasal products, making windows an aesthetic complement to your home decor. 

No glazing The internal part of the window or door leaf also performs a glazing function while offering a simple, more elegant design. (Glazing used on the fixed parts).
GFT The glass is secured to the frame with a special perimeter structural seal. The exclusive GFT system makes the glass ‘all as one’ with the window frame, ensuring absolute waterproofing, excellent thermal insulation, and structural stability over time.
External finishing The external finishing can be made of aluminium or architectural bronze. The aluminium ranges have a minimal leaf, which is mounted flush to the frame (series P “Plane”) or concealed from outside view (H “Hide” series).
Laminated materials technology The Fibex Inside window frame is made by laminating the central part in Fibex with the interior finishing element using a single element in nylon without interposed screws, thus ensuring insulation and independence of the two different materials (system not adopted in the Total Glass lines, where the glass is fixed with GFT system also for the interior part).
Sealing system The Fibex window frame always includes 3 seals to enhance thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The internal rebate gasket is in acoustic tri-extruded TPE, available in white, brown and black.
Internal finishing The interior finishing features of the Fibex Inside frame can be in wood, aluminium, and in glass in the exclusive Total Glass line; the prestigious Venice collection instead comes in an infinite combination of materials.
Composite central body ensures structural stability, excellent thermal insulation, maximum design flexibility and minimal dimensions.


With these windows, Agostini lightens its look and elegantly interprets contemporary furnishing trends in terms of design. The aluminium window-leaf shell in these models is combined with five different types of wood.

Another combination available is aluminium inserts on an aluminium body shell, providing a whole range of colour combination options.


The Agostini Stone Design window line conveys a surprising harmony, in which sturdiness, light weight and elegance all go hand-in-hand. The finishings in marble or porcelain tile provide for unique and unrepeatable solutions every time.


Agostini interprets architectural bronze not only for the prestigious interior finish it adds to an aluminium window leaf but also as an external feature that replaces the aluminium itself.


These Agostini windows become unique and exclusive, artistic works, as the highest expression of Venice's maestri of glass and gold.


These precious - and increasingly rare - skills, in a fascinating and magical setting where the hum of the looms and the expert hands of the Venetian weavers keep alive an art of the past which has a clear place in the world of today. Beautiful windows: inside and outside.

Superlative performances and the art and elegance of Venetian silks.


In this line, Agostini’s window leafs and engravings become decorative features in their own right, as these design products, with their uniqueness and originality, today represent that world-famed all-Venetian talent and craftsmanship.


Two-seal sealing system, with section frame 76 mm with sloping surface for better cleaning and water explusion.
Door with 5 chambers with 76 mm section, step-squared with respect to the frame
Thermal Transmittance Uf=1.3 W/m2K Uw up to 0.86 W/m²K