Standard Closure
Outward-hinged closure
Inward-hinged closure
Leaf closure

The Fibex system of shutters has many closure solutions which combine diverse materials. The various infillings can be combined with each other in the single shutter.
Vertical slats
Horizontal slats
Blind slats
Spaced slats
Swivel slats
Rusticated panel
Genoa-style hatch opening
Wall-shoulder hinged
Recessed in wall
Flush with wall
Recessed frame
Flush frame

Agostini’s range of roller shutters ranges from PVC and wood to aluminium and steel shutters. The range of roller shutters is completed by the supply of prefabricated insulating cases and all the automatic moving systems that allow us to customize the products, making the roller shutter system ideal for tomorrow’s homes.

PVC roller blinds

a) All Agostini rolling shutters are produced by us in Italy, with suspension PVC. Completely free from plasticizers, stabilized according to strictly-studied formulas, and controlled with the latest scientific instruments.

b) The use of a suspension PVC with a medium-high molecular weight makes it possible to develop the maximum physical-mechanical performance of polyvinyl chloride in the extrudate; the absence of plasticising, or other liquid additives, ensures maximum resistance to thermal distortion.

c) The use of high-quality coated (in quantities according to UNI) calcium carbonate makes it possible to achieve products with high impact resistance at both normal and low temperatures.

Aluminium/steel roller blinds

a) All the Agostini insulated metal rolling shutters offer a very elegant appearance, and are maintenance-free.

b) All Agostini rolling shutters are produced with anti-scratch pre-painted aluminium, and steel that is laminated with a PVC film applied at 150° C.

c) The paints we use are unalterable in light, weather, salso-iodic environment of the sea coast, and conform with EEC European standards. · Aluminium reinforced with high-density polyurethane · Lightweight and resistant · Non-deformable · Anti-rust · Unaffected even in the most unfavourable climatic conditions

Wooden roller blinds

a) Agostini’s wooden roller shutters are made with top-quality wood, treated with modern and exclusive protection systems.

b) The painting method is divided into 3 main phases:

1st COAT: SPRAY STAINING (shades);

2nd COAT: PRIMER (anti-mildew, anti-woodworm, anti-UVA);

3rd COAT: SPRAY VARNISHING (semi-gloss).

  • Natural colours
  • Immersion-stained colours with tinted primers
  • Metal hooks with protective treatment of passivation or brass
  • Connection of 2/5 fixed and 3/5 spacable hooks