Agostini proposes a wide range of Fibex Inside aluminium-wood and aluminium window and door solutions, which include both hinged and sliding windows, in different colours and finishes, all customizable with a wide choice of accessories – from handles and locks to motor-drives – to meet the market’s needs and suit all homes.

Agostini’s Fibex Inside windows use a Fibex insulating central body that ensures maximum thermal insulation and exceptional structural stability. The system achieves the highest levels of customization and design as it allows different finishing materials to be combined in the inside part.


Fibex Inside, sometimes the essential is invisible.

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), often called “Composite Material”, is usually made from a matrix and a fibre; not all fibres are the same and depending on requirements, other fibers like Kevlar, Carbon or Glass, are also used.
FIBEX is a composite material made with uni-directional fiberglass (roving), enveloped in a multidirectional fiber material (mat) that is soaked with polyester resin.
The manufacturing process of the Fibex profiles is called pultrusion (from the word “pull”) which is an extrusion process carried out under tension. Compared to traditional materials, the favourable ratio between strength and weight of the composite is what drives its growing success and everincreasing applications due to its design flexibility.

thermal insulation

The low thermal conductivity of Fibex means the Fibex Inside 500 series achieves unparalleled results in thermal insulation, raising the bar on its traditional level. This is our tangible answer for these times when attention of the design and regulation world is on high-performance solutions.

design flexibility

The 500 project opens up a new era in window design. By maintaining a Fibex central insulation unit which guarantees resistance and insulation, the window can easily be customized not only internally with different sections and wooden and aluminium shapes, but also externally with different contours and materials depending on design requirements.

glass surface

The strength of the Fibex profiles allows us to achieve finished products with smaller sections, thereby increasing the glass surface of the window by 10%. The central section is also designed with minimum encumbrance while guaranteeing insulation and functional performance.